Tools I should use when hacking?

Hello, I really enjoy computers I’ve been learning quite a lot of python but i read a lot of stories about how these people like unlocked doors and etc and another one where some guy ran a windows vuln on his network had to restart everything i have a Chromebook and Kali installed i really want to learn more about pen testing i really enjoy it! any tools i should use when pen testing Im so confused i’m jumbled up here and there, everywhere

you might wanna consider know what pentesting is and get to the basics of it first!!
tools work only as good as the user.

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If you want to get an idea of how hacking works and understand the tools that you use then you should check out LiveOverflow on YouTube, especially his Binary Exploitation playlist.

However if you don’t care about it and are just exploring the possibilities of using Kali’s toolset, then you can check out IppSec on YouTube who uses Kali’s tools to hack into virtual machines (boxes) set up to be hacked.

You can also learn more about Kali itself by reading the Kali Revealed book.

However, while it’s fun to explore hacking and all the things you can do with these amazing tools, you should definitely learn how these things work to get a real grip on hacking and then you can also develop your own tools. If you start hacking people illegally without understanding how their tools work then you turn into a script kiddie. And since script kiddies don’t know how the tools they use work, they don’t know how to get rid of their tracks.

I’m giving you this warning so you don’t go into illegal hacking without first understanding your tools first. And I hope that once you understand them, you get to respect them and never turn to black hat hacking.


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