TryHackMe - "HTB with walkthroughs"

I came across this in the sponsored section for the upcoming xmas CTF.
It’s a breed between HTB and a walkthrough, splitting difficult tasks up into byte sized chunks. If you get stuck at one bit, it usually has a very descriptive task or a good hint that allows you to research into the subject and then continue on. Definitely a more linear path but a great learning experience in my opinion.
I’ve learned a lot from the small amount of time I’ve spent on there so I thought I’d share the link with all of you guys and see what you guys think about it.

Plus, if you get stuck on a challenge and can’t find the solution, you can ask for help in their discord channel and usually you receive it in a very short amount of time, definitely a great community for beginners who want to get into pentesting.

After a bit more exploring I see they also have normal CTF problems, so it’s not all HTB styled but from what I’ve seen most of it is.