Ubuntu 16.04 not show valid wifi connect

Hello guys,
I have been using ubuntu for 15 months than i want to use dual boot OS so 1 week ago formatted my disk and firstly i installed Windows 8.1 then i installed Ubuntu.I used both with not problem but today i wanted to write some code so i opened Ubuntu but i tried to connect wifi but i got wifi is disabled.Then i tried to solve but nothing advice helped me.Then i installed ubuntu again same problem is keeping.Yestarday i opened ubuntu and connected wifi but today everyting has changed :slight_smile:
I really like to write code in ubuntu , What can i do guys ?

(Sorry for bad english)

Hey AnonumTR,

please provide some more information.
What did you do so far?
What did you changed?
Commands you used + Output
How are your configuration settings looks like?

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