Updates as of May 5th, 2016

Hello 0x00sec community!!!

@oaktree here. @pry0cc and I have recently decided to move the forum to 0x00sec.org rather than discourse.0x00sec.org. Popular sentiment is that the forum is better than the Github PR idea, and us creators agree!!! So, as of now, reset that bookmark!

A few things:

  • All posts will be on the forum. It’s easier for everyone – faster, too.
  • The blog will be subordinated. You won’t run into it unless you’re looking. Whether we will keep it is undecided. It currently exists at blog.0x00sec.org.
  • The few posts that once were on the blog will be migrated over here shortly.
  • The Community Code repository on our Github is currently deprecated.
  • A How-to category is in place for any tutorials you may want to contribute. How-to is NOT for questions. Questions go in Hacking or Computer Science, or the appropriate section.
  • When you submit anything to 0x00sec, please include relevant tags. This’ll make it easier to find things down the road.

Today marks two weeks of development. Look how far we’ve come: fifty-two users and counting, lots and lots of posts, over 10 GIGABYTES worth of data created by us!

And don’t forget to come to the ##0x00sec IRC on freenode!


Well summed up @oaktree! I would also like to mention, we’ve supassed the half way mark for our target! As time of writing we are on 52 users :wink: Good job everybody!

We also now have full SSL & HTTPS forced, Login with Github & Google. And a load new categories to match the new workflow :wink:

It’s awesome to see more and more people on! I bet that in no less than 3 months this place will have even more people than NullByte, when you get that many awesome people together, it usually turns out great :slight_smile:

Sounds like some very nice improvements. This place just gets better and better.