[URGENT] Moving to a New IRC Channel


(oaktree) #1

Hi everyone.

We’re moving from freenode to irc.0x00sec.org. Connect with SSL on port 6697 and make sure you “accept invalid certificates.”


(oaktree) #2

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #3

Nice! Make sure to enable SSL!

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #4

I must also add. A Tor address will follow sometime soon. And this is self-hosted, and thus far more quiet and immune to any trouble by Freenode (spam, netsplits, Freenode reading your messages etc) .

You can also access this from Tor. However it will use an exit node so make sure to use SSL!


And why the sudden change? My bouncer provider doesn’t allow me to switch servers!

btw sorry for my long absence, last week has been busy :wink:


(oaktree) #6

We wanted more control and privacy.


Well, if you’re using EliteBNC, go to their channel on freenode(#EliteBNC) and request another bouncer. You can have 4 bnc connections with one email.

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #8

Since we’ve switched I’ve really begun to notice the advantages. Cloaks by default. The freenode spam is also annoying too.


We got cloaks by default now?



They’re actually md5 hashes of your IP. Unless you’re a network admin, its a long procedure to decloak someone.

(oaktree) #11

@Evalion you can also connect over TOR. We use SSL. You can request a vhost too.

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #12

Well, if I didn’t overlook sth, it shouldn’t take too long to crack it :smile: I could be wrong though https://www.phillips321.co.uk/2012/04/04/cracking-an-md5-of-an-ip-address/


ofc, but it is salted iirc.


@oaktree, how do I request one? PM you on 0x00sec? some fancy command on IRC?


(oaktree) #15

You interact with the HostServ bot.

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #16

Still, do not rely on them. Use a VPN or Tor to connect. Using Tor is trivial with proxychains.

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