Vault 7? Year zero?


I came across an article about WikiLeaks and their new ‘vault7’ campaign to leak CIA hacking tools and information.

What are your thoughts on this in general (besides ‘duh’)?


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I think this is pretty cool. I think it could prove to be pretty dangerous territory though. They have in the past messed with the military, that’s just politics. This time they are going head to head with the CIA.

I think that they might end up getting dropped out or something. All the more power to them though!


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Not sure actually. I’m hoping it could add some insight for me on how I can go about…er…joining them lmao. Looking at their docs, their code, and their files I’m hoping to learn quite a bit from this leak (and I’m sure that there will be other leaks that follow it).

There is some really really interesting stuff in there. Honestly, it only makes me want to get in with them even more.



I’ll definitely take a look at what seems interesting/scary to me. I need some good stuff to read for next week anyway.
From what I saw aleady there’s a ton of valuable information.

On a side note: I had a good laugh about them explaining how to bypass windows 8 activation lol :smiley:

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Politically, I hope people finally wake up. Stop the CIA and NSA, they do nothing good for the American people.

Professionally, I’m looking forward to blackhats and whitehats alike using the leaks for new exploits and malware. And I don’t just mean vulnerabilities that remain unpatched on purpose. Far more interesting is how hackers will use “government special tactics” themselves.

Haven’t read that much of it, though, only summaries and some sneak peaks. Maybe I (or some others here at 0x00sec) could take some practical parts of the docs and make write-ups or POCs of what the CIA’s doing.



The criminals are now just as armed as a first world government. Will they help expose corruption or instead choose to profit?

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Personally, I believe they’ll do both. On the one hand, most criminals absolutely despise the US gvm’t and on the other, some of them want publicity and will go to any measure in order to obtain it which I’m sure (will) include leaking top secret data and documents on the surface web.

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Whoa. They say it was just one percent

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Yea. I’m looking forward to what they’ve got in store for us.


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Guys been a while since i was last here but wanted to update you with this:
cryptpass: SplinterItIntoAThousandPiecesAndScatterItIntoTheWinds

its the whole Vault 7 vol 1 “EVERYTHING”

I will keep the link active for 1 more week then remove the file.

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What exactly is in there? Is it an archive of the “official” information?


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Lol. This doesn’t look like CIA Leaks to me…


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So… Is it just fake? :joy:


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Lmao, there should be one on the official WikiLeaks page. I followed a link to it on twitter, but I don’t remember what the link is and I certainly didn’t bookmark it. Also, yea that is indeed the full. If I remember correctly, that’'s a profile picture of one of the users.



Are you talking about this link?

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This is not false,
Samsung and Apple have begun to fix the loopholes.



Umm… Can anyone give me the download link for the archive? @cptcrunch’s download link seems to have passed it’s time limit by now. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: .



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Here you go man:
This link worked as of my writing, and I believe it to be the “official” WikiLeaks link.

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github link:

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