Anyone doing the labs from ?
I’m done with the pdf, it was kinda short and meh but so far the lab is exciting.
I’m looking for at lab partner. Timezone UTC+01:00

(Not a N00b, but still learning) #2

Do you think they are worth the money? Which Pass did you buy?
What I can see so far, there are no ReverseMe’s unfortunately. (A topic where I would like to get better)

Best, SmartOne


No Reversing involved. Sadly.
I bought the month pass just for starters. Im not sure if it was worth it… I do really enjoy the labs but the “course” itself was not worth 100$

(Totoro) #4

what kind of lab partner that you need? i’m doing the lab too, and so far so good.


Well you’re 4 months late :slight_smile:
Doing OSCP atm.

(Totoro) #6

I know :slight_smile: how is the OSCP right now?

(Totoro) #7

I’m almost done with some advanced machine and looking forward to moving to advanced+ one. Do you have time to discuss on discord?


I’m on Netsecfocus slack. Hit me up. Name: biskoppen :slight_smile:


OSCP is great! Around 26 machines down so far