VPN Preferences and Why

What is your favorite VPN and why ?

I use Torguard because they offer a Dedicated IP with Port forwarding

Just curious what you all prefer

I prefer Mullvad, It’s probably the best privacy focused VPN.
They ain’t logging stuff like a lot of other VPNs do. Though, one of the things I don’t like about Mullvad is that there isn’t really that much customization. The customizations (at least on Windows) are:

  • Launch app on startup
  • Local network sharing
  • DNS content blocking (There are a few presets, u can also use your own if you set a custom DNS server)
  • Enable IPv6
  • Kill switch
  • Lockdown mode
  • Tunnel protocol, u can choose between WireGuard and OpenVPN. I’d recommend WireGuard. For both, u can choose a bunch of settings, though WireGuard has a lot more than OpenVPN.

Afaik you can’t split tunnel and port forward. I also don’t like the ui.

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Ive hear their name alot online … How long have you been using them … Do they had dedicated ip?

I’ve been using them for only 22 days. They don’t offer dedicated ips.

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