Wanna be 1337 in C programming?



Hi fellas,

It’s sharing time! With this wave of new comers who want to learn how to develop in C, I selected a few projects from my ex-uni that could be valuable to anyone wanting to dive in the C world.

Those exercices can be downloaded through the following URL:


Note: Each folder contains an order.txt file, showing in which order you must undertake the projects.

It will help you understand the deeper concepts of C programming and, as you must already know, practice is the watchword to mastering this art.

P.S: Please, not mention the uni name to avoid google referencing system.

I hope it will help in your learning journey.


(Snow Cod3) #2

thannks Man :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: ¯_(ツ)_/¯



I was just hitting a low spot in my programming confidence. This hopefully be a refreshing problem set for a man beaten down by MSDN!

(fxbg) #4

I checked out some of the projects, there isn’t much learning material in there, just project overviews. This is a good one for someone wanting to learn: https://linuxconfig.org/c-development-on-linux-introduction

(707) #5

Wouldn’t it just be easier to just code as you need to? Like for example, I personally script in Perl when I’m haxing or too lazy to click a button and automate everything… lulz. Personally I find that more helpful in the long run instead of doing projects all at once and mind that most of our attention spans are 10 seconds long (which has been proven btw). So yeah… that’s my two cents.


Well, it depends of what learning materials means to you. Indeed, there are several types of people in this vast world. Some of them needs practice to assimilate new concepts and that is what those projects have been uploaded for. Moreover, having guideline and starting a project from scratch can be more valuable than following a tutorial and copy/past snippets of code.

This post not aims to be THE learning way that have to be followed. Everybody is different and must find what’s fitting to himself.

This archive just provides a bunch of project overviews for whom have no project idea or whatsoever and need structured guidelines to improve his skills.