Wannabe Tutorials: Section 1 Part 5 (challenge-ish)


(Valentine) #1


As promised, I’ve posted the challenge for Section 1. This challenge is pretty simple for most, but for the beginners it could be a challenge. The challenge is simple, create a script using bash. Except, this script can’t be any random script, but instead I want to see something like this:

echo “ 1: Recon”


echo “Type in a option: “

read $String

if [1 $String]; then 

echo “nmap -sS -A -Pn”

What I want to see is one script that can run basic commands on Linux, Nmap scans, and Telnet or/and Ncat commands. Be as creative as you want, but I do have some requirements.

The script has to be interactive for the user.

For the nmap scans: There must be a variety of scans that the user can choose from.

Have fun

That’s it for my requirements. Please use the spoiler option when you post. All in all, have fun and cheers.