Ways of bypassing iPhone passcode limit using emulation?


There was much talk recently about a bug in the newer iOS firmware that allowed an attacked to brute force as many passcodes as possible on the phone untill he got the right passcode (it got patched in the newer releases).

  • It could brute force 4 digit passwords in under a day and 6 digit passwords in about a week.

  • There was even a $500 machine made to exploit this bug.

More about it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ios/comments/6ugkoi/this_500_device_can_hack_iphone_7_and_iphone_7/

Also there is another method by the name “NAND Mirroring” which as far as I know was used for the San Bernardino iPhone.

More about it here: https://www.zdziarski.com/blog/?p=6015

My question is why hasn’t anyone made a tool to emulate iOS yet?
An iOS emulator would allow an attacker to make the bruteforcing procedure a lot faster.


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