We, the ones who rule the world


We, the Ones who Rule the World: A new manifest by Thirsty-Robot

We all know that the world has changed. Things aren’t the same as they were 20 years ago. And mostly in a field of study so vast as computer science or security. New individual are coming to the field every day; “How are websites made?”, “Why do I have internet”, the questions we’ve all asked, and the ones that other generations will ask too. Computers have grow smaller, thinner, more complex, and even amusing. New generations don’t have the tools to explore this, not because they don’t want to, but because companies don’t let them. If you have an Iphone, go ahead and look at it, do you see any screws, do you even see a lid that can be open, besides the SD and SIM compartment? The answer is a big well-deserved NO. It’s almost as it was planned.

The world has changed and not for good. Everything is connected, everyone can know who you are on a simple Facebook or Google search (assuming that you use this services). Yes, you can change the default configuration, but how is a kid going to know this if he has never seen how his father opens the cover of his phone to get the battery out. For the new generations it just works and that’s it. New generation are not aware of how their data is being manipulated, how every stroke, every character they type is monitored, they were borned in a giant role-play of 1984.

We as hackers need to change this. We need to share with new generations, we need to make open-source projects “meta”. We, more than most individuals have the potential to change the modern world. We understand how it works, we understand on what it is based. As you read this, your government is maybe fighting a hacker, or other global powers on the internet. Computers are everything. There is not Illuminati, there is not “giant see it all eye”, there is only us. The guy who helped the teacher with her or his computer, the guy who made a pirate radio for fun, the guy who eats books on every subject, the guy that it’s full of curiosity, the guy that wanted to hack his favorite game to buy an item.

We are the ones that created the systems which makes our lives so easy. We are the cool guys now, we are not weird anymore, we have a voice, we are something. Correction we are everything.

We, are the ones who rule the world, let’s show them…