Welcome to 0x00sec!

Hi! 0x00sec aims to revive the community that we all loved, with a more community-centric approach. Since we have total control, we will be taking suggestions and polls to the ongoing development of 0x00sec. In essence, you control your community. Makes sense right?

To get this community going, I urge you all to introduce yourselves! What is your favourite part of infosec, what languages do you speak/know (coding/irl), and what do you hope to learn on 0x00sec in the future, as well as what would you like to see?

Thanks all!

P.S. (by oaktree):

If you are looking to contribute to our main site, please contact us on the IRC (#0x00sec on freenode) or click the Submit A Post link on our main page. You’ll be submitting a PR to our GitHub repository, which will be reviewed and then possibly posted on the front page.

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I’m honestly glad this started up. This seems like a site with a lot of potential! And a group of wonderful people I respect.

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I’m glad as well. WHT sucked balls this is far more suited for a security community.

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Congratulations for the great start. Hope to be able to contribute some post in the near future


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Awesome I look forward to seeing your contributions :slight_smile:

Same :smiley:. I just can’t wait for more contributions, although this community is small, I have large dreams for it.

This is great!

Im happy you guys took the initiative to start this up.

Nicely done.

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