Well this is interesting


On null byte one person talked about how the community is dying so I briefly said that while a lot of people moved to 0x00sec, the community on nb will still be active. I also mentioned OTW’s new site which is probably a no-no now that I think about it.

The WHT mods pounced upon my poor post and removed it. Rip.

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(oaktree) #2

Yeahh… this always happens. Anyway, this kinda posts should simply be said on the IRC ##0x00sec.



I’ll make a note to join the irc.

-adds it to my 220 other notes-



I had a comment removed also, I’m not sure why exactly.

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(pico) #5

That is why I really left NB… that censorship.


(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #6

The culture of WHT and subsequently NB is incredibly black and white toward generating a profit. WHT is a company, and they will do whatever they can in order to generate those profits. If that includes censorship and aggressive actions toward users then they will do that.

0x00sec is different because our motivations and work is all done around and for the community, rather than to make a profit. We will never censor a post, unless it contains something sexually explicit, personally identifiable information etc. We don’t delete posts because they might make us look bad; we agree than information should be free, and if that means somebody has created a badass rival site, then so be it.


(oaktree) #7


@pry0cc is absolutely right in his description of our intentions for 0x00sec



As much as I think OTW is very skilled at hacking, I’m staying here. I trust you guys a lot more. :slight_smile:
On another note I’m surprised NB has gone for blatant censorship.
You’d think they’d know better. :frowning:

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OTW made a post last night about his new site and they removed it.




Do you know what the post said? :expressionless:



All he said was his long awaited site was up and for $99 we could take the CWA.

He also linked to NB posts for sudy material. Apparently it is removed now.


(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #12

Ugh that’s crappy. He should post it here.



Alright, this is crap. He trusted NB (and we all did too) for so long, and to have them just dump the cork on us.



I would respect WHT/NB a lot more if they said, “Hey look, we’d rather you didn’t advertise other rival sites here, because we like our profits around here, see?”… At least then there’s communication. The post I had deleted had no malicious intent against WHT or NB, and if someone had said, hey please don’t write that, I may well have just not cared too much. The stealthy deletions create a really weird atmosphere where you might start to wonder, will I bother posting my opinions here anymore, where I might get censored, or will I just go elsewhere? Plus nobody likes the feeling of being watched either.



You’d think WHT would be a bit wary of messing with a hacking community of all things. :stuck_out_tongue:

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oops, guess I figured out how to delete posts :sunglasses:



Lmao, :stuck_out_tongue: - You sir just made my day.


(The Defalt) #19

I hate to play devils advocate, but you can’t blame WHT for what they’ve done. They’re a company. There are people who depend on WHT to put food on the table. In the end, they’re doing what’s best for them.

Also, WHT pissed off a community of hackers, do you think they’re going to play nice?


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True, although I’m extremely sad. I can’t help but think of all the useful information on NB that could have helped so-so many people, but got deleted during OTW’s leave. Which is why I’m considering documenting and archiving all seemingly important and currently existent NB how-to’s and posts. I think people should have the right to see that information without restrictions.

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@Cromical What got deleted exactly? @Defalt I see of course that people at WHT are just people with lives and livelihoods. Far be it from me to judge them … I’m just a grumpy bastard today, but bear no ill will. I hope that NB gets back on it’s feet again, and I see that really they’re just trying to do that.

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