What are y’all’s opinions on programming books?

I fully agree with you on that one, you do a chapter when you finish with the chapter try to make a small program based on what you have learned in that chapter,with this in mind everything will build up till you go for big project

i had one: “Learning HTML and CSS” It literally teaches me the same thing as the 30 minutes of 4 hour HTML and CSS learning tutorial on youtube.

I honestly do not like this general programming books aka “Learn language XYZ” . I think most of them are very bad and you can easily learn most programming languages from online docs, tutorials, videos etc.

However, I would recommend some more specialized books, which will teach you more concepts than language features. (The Pragmatic Programmer, Clean Code, … etc)

They can be really useful for starters but as you go further into what you want to do you might use more youtube videoes on the specific things you need

I have some books about C and Python, but to be honest the are not very helpful. Except maybe the Python cookbook (from O’Reilly), which contains recipes about stuff that save me some time (Python is not my main language).

  1. great editing (so many comp sci textbooks are abhorrently riddled with technical errors)

  2. lucid introduction, development, and synthesis of concepts (no assumptions about the reader)

  3. relevant, reinforcing, challenging (but not beyond achievement) end-of-chapter problems

I continue to reference them, years later

i suggest Head First
Book series

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