What bookmarks or sites do you guys use that help with your hacking?

Hey just wondering what bookmarks you guys have on your browser that help you with your hacking, im still noob level and have been for several years, but i know a couple things. Im trying to build the best online resuource portal i found a great collection at GitHub - kargisimos/offensive-bookmarks: A collection of bookmarks for penetration testers, bug bounty hunters, malware developers, reverse engineers and anyone who is just interested in infosec topics.

lots of stuff there in that html file but i just find it seems incomplete.

theres also GitHub - vitalysim/Awesome-Hacking-Resources: A collection of hacking / penetration testing resources to make you better! wich doesn’t a html file for bookmarks but plenty of good links and resources to study up on.

but yeh just wondering what kind of resources and sites are you guys goto?