What do you love about InfoSec?

(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #1

The Infomation Security Community is an awesome community, and ones like ours really rock. The one factor in my opinion that really drives the community is the people. Tinkering and Hacking, taking things apart to see how they work, is in our nature, and a community that operates and thinks like that works really well together.

In my opinion, the thought of hundreds of people coming together from different cultures and locations and sharing knowledge with each other, makes me really think about how amazing a platform like the internet has helped to educate and build a new generation of indepedent thinkers and fixers. My passion for this community is great, even though this place is only just getting started.

I couldn’t post this without first asking you, the community, this very important question.

What do you love about InfoSec?

I look forward to seeing your responses!


(oaktree) #2

My favorite thing is learning how to break things, and how to avoid making breakable things.

I also like making people uncomfortable when I list all the ways they can be hacked.


(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #3

Hahahaha, me too. I think it’s good to recognise any potential flaw; rather than ignore them.



Gotta love your weather forecast when new users join the IRC channel.


(The C# Dude) #5

As I said already often before, I’m a big fan of Reverse Engineering and secure programming. Other very interesting topics are malware and malware protection.



The subculture of the hacking Community.

The thing I especially like about the Infosec community is that the hacker cells are embedded amongst society. We literally live amongst those whom we are trying to protect. And that is what makes hackers strong: they can be everywhere.


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I love about InfoSec that there is always something new, we will never stop learning. There will be always new vulnerabilites, breaches, new methods to hack/crack/do something. It’s an ongoing adventure where no finish line exists.
It’s not something like being a normal admin who has a few applications to use.
InfoSec is always evolving and there will be always new aspects and interesting things to work with.

Furthermore, knowing such things in InfoSec is really valuable nowadays. It will help us to understand how everything is working together.


(oaktree) #8

The culture and community are also favorites of mine.


(Ne0_) #9

Pretty much what The Mentor once wrote.
School bored me, but computers didn’t. And I think there is no area of IT that requires and provides more knowledge than InfoSec. To break or protect a system, you really have to get to know it. I love how many sub-areas there are in this field.

And of course I like the community, to exchange knowledge and get along. I mean, after all, we’re all alike.


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Absolutely agree. The guys that really know the ins and outs of a system are those thoroughly involved in security.


(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #11

I couldn’t agree more.


(oaktree) #12

That post by TheMentor is absolutely inspiring. The anthem of our people, our manifesto.



I guess it’s kind of cool knowing that you can get some sweet jobs doing what you are passionate about.

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(Merozey) #14

feel quite compelled to have my say also.

I love it because the industry continuously and rapidly expands with new vulnerabilities and people/corporations being hacked, whether it’s been publicly announced or not. The beauty in how many people not knowing how vulnerable they are and, as Phoenix said, hackers can be everywhere. You really never know what people can be capable of because, many hackers chooses to be silent. With exceptions of course. And the beauty in that we can split something apart and figure out how something works and reverse engineer it is remarkable. The kind of effort you wouldn’t see from an average facebook user for example.


(Yeathtsme) #15

What I like about InfoSec is the type of art it produces. Not many people would see the true beauty in it which makes me love it more.



The people the places, all of it really

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