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Hello! In this respect; I explained what the structure known as the “Marianas Web”, which has so many legends and nonsense on the Internet, really is.

But before I get to the subject, I want to make a warning. The expressions you read in this article may not be fully compatible with English. I am Turkish. And sometimes I am not able to get English expressions quite right. I am trying to improve my English. Sorry if you see incorrect statements.

Now we can move on to the subject. By researching this issue for a total of 4 months, I was able to reach the correct results. Sorry, you have too much misinformation on the internet. But I am sure that this article you are reading is the only correct information on the internet.

Actually there is no such thing as MarianasWeb. But the common name people put on secret networks is MarianasWeb. That’s why in this article I will refer to it as MarianasWeb.

This article consists of 5 sections in total:

• How Does Marianas Web Work? Technically What Is Its Logic? How To Build A Structure In This Way?

• How to Access MarianasWeb?

• Which of the Popular Secret Networks are Real?

• Lies, Legends and Misunderstandings on the Internet.

• What’s in Hidden Networks?

1- How Does Marianas Web Work? Technically What Is Its Logic? How To Build A Structure In This Way?

The structure called MarianasWeb is actually just a simple LocalHost. External connections from outside cannot gain access. Only local connections can access. However, if we turn an external connection into a local connection, external connections can also provide access. I will explain how we can establish such a connection, now you will understand it much better.

First you need to buy a VPS server. You can do it on your own computer, but it would be better to use a VPS server to keep it open all the time.

You need to install an Apache LocalHost. Your link will be “http://localhost” when you first install it. But we can change that. We can do whatever we want. For example, we can name it with a link like “.rdos”. It does not matter. For this, you can learn how to change it by doing a search on the internet like “How to make your own Apache LocalHost link”. So since the connection is local, we don’t have to set up a DNS server and change the domain extension.

In this way, we created a server. Let’s assume that our LocalHost connection is “http://3vn2odzn.l0xy”. For now, only we can access it. Nobody else can access their browser by typing this. So it’s time to give people a secret access.

For this we need to connect a person we want to give access to our server. We can do this with a VPN or a Node. I don’t know how to do it with node, because I haven’t found a correct result on the internet. That’s why I will describe it as a VPN. We have to turn our server into a VPN. You can find out how it’s done by doing a search on the Internet like “How to make / build your own VPN”.

After turning our server into a VPN, all we have to do is; Sharing the link file or link address with the person we want to give access to. The person we give access in this way will be able to access our site by typing “https://3vn2odzn.l0xy” in the internet browser. If you have software knowledge, you can take privacy to a higher level by creating a private and encrypted access program.

2- How to Access MarianasWeb?

As I mentioned in the previous topic, it is impossible to gain access unless the server owner gives you any access configuration. Also, assuming you have access, you do not have access to all the links on the link you received. Because anyone can put the link address they want. And there may be the same addresses set up on different servers.

3- Which of the Popular Secret Networks are Real?

As I mentioned in the first title; anyone can make the connection they want. For this reason, it is not possible to specify a link address and say that this address is real or this address is incorrect.

4- Lies, Legends and Misunderstandings on the Internet.

Everything that is not fully proved is theoretically wrong. Make sure that the only correct piece of information on the Internet is the article you are reading right now :smiley:

5- What’s in Hidden Networks?

This question is “what’s on the internet?” is like saying. So I will give a general answer. I have only been in one network so far. There were old documents and some articles. No need to take it seriously. However, research that needs to be done confidentially can also be distributed through such networks. So if you really want to see great things, you need to access a solid private network.


Thanks. I understood well

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You’re welcome. Glad you understand.

When I first started reading this I was expecting this to be a random crap-post about Mariana’s Web and all that lore. I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for this!

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I like this article I wish you continued success in 3vn

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