What OS do you use? Win/Linux/Mac

(The C# Dude) #1

I just wanted to start a little poll on what OS you’re using in generell. Maybe it’s interesting to know for someone which OS should be supported the most in articles :grin:.


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Dual-Boot Win/Linux
  • Mac
  • Other
    Currently I am using Windows but this will change in the next weeks when I buyed a new Laptop. Then I’ll use dual-boot Linux (Probably MINT, Ubuntu or Arch) and Windows because of the games ;).

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(oaktree) #2

I technically have a Windoze partition, but I never want to boot it up.

EDIT: I removed the Windoze from my hard drive. Yay!


I’m dual booting windows with Linux for the past year… Well the Windows partition has been a bit inactive for some months :smile:

(appie) #4

Dual boot but sinc somedays ago its not working anymore. I created a post, please check it i edited with some text in de comment section.

(Mr.Philips) #5

I use Solaris 10. I have a Windows 98 PC as well.