What you think about CTF365?

With our upcoming CTF and other exciting things coming to 0-Sec I’ve decided to research more on CTF’s and I came across CTF365.com, I created a user and found out they’ve got a pretty neat setup on CTF activities and more. My question to you fellas, is what do you guys know about this site and would it be cool setup a fortress and add members to it and test our skills against other top notch security experts?


Thanks for the heads-up, definitely gonna look into that site, sounds like a great training ground.

As for your question, if there would be the possibility - including organization and funding - to start a 0x00sec-CTF Team on that site, I would love to partake in it.

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Yea, I have been doing some research on the site and even took part in attacking other machines on the virtual network. I must say it is quite addicting.

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