What's a good linux. security reasons

How can I check to see if my Linux is secured enough. I recently downloaded the Ubuntu desktop and have just been using the terminal. Id really like advice and tips on how to Secure my self more. Help thy young fellow neighbor please!
I’m familiar with Commands somewhat so drop me some knowledge :cold_sweat: :space_invader: :heart:

Hello. Maybe some expert here can help you more. I just want to say that Ubuntu is pretty safe by default.

  • You need to install the “ufw” (uncomplicated firewall) and enable it.
  • You need to install some rootkit detector: “rkhunter” is one of the best.
  • You can install “clamav”, an open source antivirus. Because you can scan windows viruses in external devices.
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wow thanks i’m actually installing those right now. If you wouldn’t mind me asking you, whats a onion distro good for? what it is?

I don’t know exactly the circumstances under Linux but as far as I know, if someone is giving you rootkits, you have an entirely different issue. These aren’t common malware that are just floating around the internet, they are usually for targeted attacks by (usually) sophisticated attackers.

ClamAV is a scanner. Don’t be fooled, (AFAIK) it isn’t the same thing as your average AV on Windows because it does not proactively scan new files being dropped into the system or monitor process activity, perform dynamic analysis/sandbox/code emulation etc.

There’s nothing special about “securing” yourself. You just need to be cautious when browsing and interacting with others the internet, keep your software updated, don’t be an idiot, and all that other boring stuff. Generally, you shouldn’t be worried about people magically pwning your machine through mad 0dayz and r00t/b00tkitties because you’re probably not important enough for someone to drop $10K on your head.

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rkhunter “also performs checks to see if commands have been modified, if the system startup files have been modified, and various checks on the network interfaces, including checks for listening applications.”

Weko, you can use any operating system to access TOR, if you mean that. I don’t know what a “onion distro” is.

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