What's the Most "Illegal" Thing You've Ever Done with a Computer?

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Hey guys. I found a very interesting Quora discussion on Twitter this morning:

Link: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-most-illegal-thing-you-have-ever-done-with-your-computer

Note: Please do not share any “confessions” in this thread. Neither 0x00sec nor its affiliates are liable for any act, legal or otherwise, that you commit as a result of this post; nor are 0x00sec or its affiliates liable for any “confessions” made here that result in personal consequences.



I’ve never done anything illegal really. Came close to it when I was a massive skid 3 years ago. Glad I got out of it. Nevertheless interesting discussion :slight_smile:.


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Well… I’ve done a few things that are considered “illegal”. Of course I’m not gonna share. Cheers. :slight_smile:



Well most people I know have gotten in trouble with the school system for simply opening up command prompt.

It’s hilarious.


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Well, hope I dont get arrested. I watched a youtube video of a tiger killing a zebra. I mean I could have stopped the tiger but I just enjoyed the clip which makes me an accomplice to the tiger. Am sorry guys.



I looked up porn on a school computer.

Now for a serious reply: the most illegal thing I have ever done was not with a computer but with (you guessed it) electricity/electronics. In the early days when I was exploring the fundamental techniques of radio, I assembled a powerful transmitter without thinking twice. I apparently created a little scrambling in the firefighter/PD radio. Am too afraid to play with radio waves outside of a Faraday’s cache ever since.

This is not a “confession” because it was an accident, but technically it is illegal.

Of course, this accident is not related to 0x00sec. Mods can edit this reply as they please.




I once got in trouble at school for editing MY “website” about Anonymous. :open_mouth:

Oh, and apparently I’m a 1337 h4x04r that hacks world banks just because of opening a terminal with green text. Stupid bunch of muggles. They’ll never learn.


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I actually got in trouble chatting in a “hacking” chatroom. That day I swore the principal off. Managed to get a one day suspension for that…

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True Story… I think teachers have nightmares of that little black box :joy:


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Yo. We aren’t NB xD We aren’t gonna censor this :stuck_out_tongue: If authorities want this gone then screw them!


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Teachers in Germany aren’t like this. Only the students are dumb and SHOUTING “He is ‘hacking’”(Nothing like this I only read something about it)

I’m thinking this is the thing they are thinking (so much think and thing :astonished: ) @falcon403 thank you for this text it’s good to discribe them :wink:

I haven’t done something really Illegal with computers. I only often don’t read the terms of using of many websites what’s a little bit Illegal in Germany, but no one cares :smile:

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Ahaha! Talking of this, have you heard of the redditor that was editing his paper in Latex and proceeded to get chucked out of Starbucks? The post has been deleted now, I don’t know if you guy’s can find the original? https://amp.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/qq8d3/chucked_out_of_starbucks_for_hacking_wtf/


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Still cannot believe this, but I was sitting in starbucks this morning writing up a research paper in latex, with some AUR packages compiling in a terminal… some woman walks past me and takes a look at my screen and then demands that I ‘stop hacking people’s passwords’, then runs off to fetch the manager while i’m attempting to explain the reality of the situation. I then had the manager come over, refuse to listen to me and ask me to leave, as ‘such activity is not tolerated in starbucks, consider this a warning’. I’m gobsmacked. and I’m sure as hell not coming back.



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xD Some people are Such idiots


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I actually recently scared the hell outta a company that was being sexist and racist. I just sent one of the employees a email saying they got hacked. Lulz. Apparently they are now being nice, but that’s reality with the ignorant and hacking. I’m starting to think that sometimes you don’t need to hack. People are just idiots, but hey it sometimes works taking advantage of people’s idiocity. :slight_smile:

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All of these replies are great.

The best thing is sending spoofed emails to friends and pranking them, and you are least likely to have charges pressed against you…most times :wink:

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