Where did the languages come from

(Franklin Rapport) #1

Since I’m new here I thought I’d start to provide some depth and insight I’ve picked up over the years in my reading and travels. Remember Steve Jackson, I do. Had a copy of AT&T’s Bell Labs Unix source code and was swept up in the whole Bell South being pwned debacle by the Secret Service. Bruce Sterling wrote a book called ‘Hacker Crackdown’ where he, as an outsider, got an incredible amount right in the whole sordid affair. http://pdf.textfiles.com/books/hackcrac.pdf
Bruce lived on the WE’LL, Stuart Brand’s Californian revolution that hosted forums from the Deadheads to, well, almost anything you wanted to talk about. John Gilmore, Mitch Kapor and John Perry Barlow got together there too and ended up forming the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

But what I wanted to pass on was the titles of two books that surveyed the writers/creators of the first major languages from postscript to LISP and on out past C. “Masterminds of Programming” and “Coders at Work”. It’s well worth picking them up and reading them through.