Where do I go from here?

Wow, I suppose this was a long time coming. A question I have been waiting to ask; where do I go from here?
A bit of background… I have been spending all of my free time for the last three-ish years trying all I can to learn computer programming/computer hacking and I have made some decent headway, even looking at colleges to attend for a computer science degree here in the coming year. But the thing I run into are trepidations and roadblocks which inhibit me, and I feel like I’m stuck running in circles. I would love to see myself become a “student” of sorts to a mentor, to help guide me along, keep me on track and on target. Can anybody help? Maybe point me in the proper directions? I would love to hear from anybody who would like to mentor me, I’m easy to teach to. Any input would be amazing, thank you!