Where in the world is fraq? SxSW

I saw @oaktree asking where I was and figured I’d let y’all know so you’d quit worrying. I’ve been at SxSW since Sunday and I give a talk tomorrow morning some time about how to not screw up a hackathon.

Bad news: It won’t be recorded like I previously thought. Sorry, peeps.

Cool news: I had an intimate, hour-long talk with the father of the internet and co-creator of TCP/IP, Vint Cerf. The dude is awesome.

I also met a few other interesting folks (some of whom you’d recognize) and hope to shake hands with Stephen Wolfram tomorrow before I have to head out. This is an amazing (if expensive) conference and you should make every effort to find some way to get in if you can. I’ll do a more detailed breakdown of my time here eventually.

See y’all again in a few days!


Wow you got an amazing line up.

Hope you have fun!

Pssssst. Mention 0x00sec :wink:


Jealous! That sounds super awesome for learning and networking!

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