Why is post quantum cryptography important

Quantum computers will break today’s asymmetric public-keys cryptography algorithms used for web encryption (https),email encryption (gnupg…),ssh and others.

Quantum computers are designed to use something called qubits,allowing multiple states being expressed simultaneously. This allows for breakthrough in certain types of math problems,solving them nearly instantaneously. Quantum computers adhere to the law of physics,and it is only a matter of time before engineer figures out how to build them properly .

A small 20 qubits quantum computer has already been developed for the IBM experienced project.

Here are some software been developed that claims to be quantum resistant :

● codecrypt

● TinySSH(PQC planned)

● Cyph

● Onetime

This is a thread to anyone relying on encryption.
There are people out there saving all encrypted data and downloading the encrypted traffic,waiting for a way to decrypt it.

It is advised to learn the software sooner than later.