Wifi Adapter problem in Kali

Hi there!

I have a problem and i really dont know if the problem is my adapter wifi or something else, i still newbie, i have an old laptop HP G50 to which i repaired and installed kali linux as my main operating system. The laptop have an Qualcomm Atheros AR242x and does not allow me to use correctly airodump so i use an D-Link Corp. Wireless N Nano USB Adapter, it’s all right there, the problem arise when i decide dont use my native nic wifi to connect wifi connections and in turn decide to use my nano usb, for some reasons the usb nano doesn’t connect me to any network although it works perfect in Windows or in the same Kali when i put in promiscuos mode. Someone could help me by saying if i should temporarily disable the native Wifi NIC of my PC and how it should be done and thus leave only the USB nano as the main WIFI NIC, or what should be done to solve this problem.
Thanks so much.

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