[Wifi] The Perfect Suburban Wordlist



Recently I moved into a new suburban neighborhood littered with default router access points. One day, I decided I wanted to test my luck and see what I could get by using a simple but very effective Wordlist

A few years ago I use to work as a cable installation technician. I’ve noticed most technicians will ask the customer if they would like to change their default password for the router. Rather than awaiting for the customer’s timely response, a technician may insist: “We can always set the password to your phone number, and you can change it later if you’d like.” This is very convenient for the customer, and its likely they’ll never change it anyhow.

Using crunch to create a simple wordlist: you can generate a phone number list for whatever area code the router happens to be located in.

In layman’s terms, The -t specifies a specific pattern. The % character specifies to use a number and -s lets you choose where to begin. (If you’d like to bypass the phone numbers starting in the 000’s and 100’s.)


Your generated wordlist will look something like this

Not only is this is a great list to have for suburban environments, but it may be great for business AP’s as well. I’ve been told alot of businesses typically use their fax number for their AP. I’ve come to find this is a very effective wordlist and I don’t see it mentioned to much.

Find the area code you’re working in and give it a go!

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