0x00ctf 2017 Overview and Scoreboard!

(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #1

Hi 0x00’ers, and all those that took part in 0x00ctf 2017!

First off, we want to thank all of our challenge creators, admins, and participants. CTFs are a great opportunity for us as a community to sharpen our skills, challenge ourselves and each other with new problems, and meet new people who share our passion for information security. This event was a great success.

These creators are @_py, @0x00pf, @dtm, @oaktree, @exploit and @pry0cc (kinda)

As most of you know the first prize for this CTF was a Binary Ninja license donated to us by Binary Ninja, one of our Partners… But, before we announce the winner, here are a few preliminary stats.

The most-solved challenge was @oaktree’s C++ challenge-000 (guessme); the least-solved was @0x00pf’s challenge-009 (OBFS). The challenges will remain available after the contest.


Below are the top ten players and their point scores.

| Rank |  Player   | Score |
|    1 | Jinmo123  |  1445 |
|    2 | dcua      |  1445 |
|    3 | Harekraze |   800 |
|    4 | K         |   670 |
|    5 | Spritzers |   670 |
|    6 | Can       |   650 |
|    7 | System    |   445 |
|    8 | Sw1ss     |   370 |
|    9 | Leeky     |   370 |
|   10 | F_T       |   350 |

We’d like to extend a special congratulations to @Leeky for being our highest-scoring 0x00sec member of TL2 and above. Enjoy your Binary Ninja license!

Stay tuned for a more detailed debrief, including writeups by the challenge authors, and plans for 0x00sec CTF 2018! We also invite you guys to comment your solution paths under the author writeups! We’re interested to see what 1337 methods you all used to pwn, crack, and hack.

Want to help out?

0x00ctf was a success because you, the participants, made it one. There are a number of ways you can continue to help us make 0x00sec the best place around.

First, we hosted this event on Digital Ocean using referral credit. If you liked this CTF, you can show your appreciation by using our referral link on Digital Ocean when you sign up for an account. You can also support us by mining Monero on the site, or buying some sweet swag! Your support enables us to have these events and give back to the greater community in a meaningful way.

We also accept Monero, Ethereum, and Bitcoin donations!







As for BinaryNinja and Sequoia Cyber Solutions, Thank You for your generosity thus far. We couldn’t do it without all of you!

The 0x00sec Team


(fxbg) #2

I want to see some write-ups, i am still learning in the area of reversing and love reading write-ups about ctf’s


(Leader & Offsec Engineer & Forum Daddy) #3

You can expect these in the weeks to come :slight_smile: stay tuned!