Want a VPS? Use our affiliate link!

Hello 0x00’ers! As you may understand, this site does cost us money at the present. It is the sacrifice we have to make while we don’t use ads. (Ads suck).

However we have multiple donation platforms available at the present. To add to this list of possible methods, we are pleased to announce our new referral link system. If you sign up to Vultr or Digital Ocean, and are active for 30 days, and spend $10 ($25 for Digital Ocean), with our link it helps support us in running the site and making sure it stays up :stuck_out_tongue:

If you were looking for a VPS anyway, this is ideal for you! VPS’s are ideal for testing something, especially something without a NAT or firewall. I’ve found metasploit to run quite well on Vultr servers, it is ideal for testing reverse shells! No more pesky portfowarding :wink:

Currently we support Vultr (who offer the best value for money), and we support Digital Ocean (where you get $10 free credit, or a first month free for a Linux VPS)

Support  us!

I look forward to seeing what you achieve with cheap and fast remote servers!


Scary Disclaimer: Please note, we do not condone use of these services for anything unauthorized or Illegal. Any illegal activity may result in your account being suspended or removed, and you being prosecuted.


That’s nice I was seeking for a vps !

Awesome! I would definitely recomend these! I use them all the time.

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Vultr or Digital Ocean or maybe both ?

Vultr is good if you intend to use it for a long time. But Digital Ocean is perfect for short testing and that kind of thing. It takes a little longer on Vultr to spin up, but is a little bit cheaper. Digital Ocean is instant, but the control panel and built in apps are pretty good.

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I will give it a try someday !

if i can run metasploit on vultr that’s will be great ! so all i have to do is buying the vps with ubuntu then install metasploit ?

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Absolutely! Its that simple!

You can also run it in tmux, so that it is always running. So when you want to use it you can just SSH into it.

i did some research about tmux and it’s very interesting thank you for letting me know ! one more question, how can i deal with ports and the firewall ? do i have to deal with them from the command line or something ?

Yep. The server is literally just on the internet, so you need something like iptables or ufw to configure a firewall. Both vultr and digital ocean come with it pre-installed. You don’t need to portforward, all you do is open up a port in the command line, so on my server I would just do a ufw allow 4444 for a reverse meterpreter server. or ufw allow 80 for a webserver. It is really simple.

i understand now ! i really appreciate your help

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No worries :slight_smile:

Nice one, I will give it a try for my next VPS and support your great work…