Can you find out who send an anonymous mail?

First of all, thanks for reading this, i guess it will be long and boring, post :slight_smile:

I find it quite difficult to know where to start without going into too much unnecessary (and private) details, but i guess that if i want you to be more or less intrigued by my story i will have to put it out here.

As my name already has given away, I’m spending quite some time in and around the swimming pool, be it as a coach, official, member of the board or parent. This is also where my story starts …

Untill last year we were members of a quite good swimming team but as with all sports clubs (no matter the sport discipline) there are frustrations, enviousness (does this word exist? :slight_smile: ) amongst swimmers and parents.

The frustrations were ventilated in the bar of the swimming pool (by the parents) while drinking a beer and enjoying the children do their sport. (To give you an idea… we’re talking about national level swimmers, so the same parents are their each day of the week, for about 2 hours or more)…

Around Christmas last year (quite sarcastic to have chosen this period) a mail was send to the president and the secretary of the swimming club … (a lot of board members (including myself) were in BCC)…
The send of this mail ventilated all problems that he / she considered wrong in the club. Not always in a nice way (some personal attacks), but overall quite to the point. In the beginning, i tough well this sender has some guts. In stead of taking this mail as a working document to review the organisation in the club, the witch hunt was on, not the problems or improvement were important, no the only focus was on the sender of the mail.

It was quite obvious, due to the many details only known to those in the board meetings (or those sitting in the bar with good ears and a good memory) that the mail originated from within a small group of persons.
The mail was send from a mail adress ( [email protected] ) and was signed as “Best regards, Jochen Verbeke, family member of a couple of club members”.
Very quickly it was clear that Jochen Verbeke was a fictive character.

This raised the anger within the board even higher and the witch hunt was intensified… without any succes…
So they decided to apply the tactic also used in the middle ages … just pick the most likely person, throw him in the watter and see if he drawns…

Yes, you’re right, you don’t need to be a fortune teller, to guess that all suspicion came upon me. I know one or 2 things about computers, so, no further investigations necessary, it had to be me.
They used all possible tactics (incl. threats to my daughter) to make me confess.

But what I didn’t realise is how difficult it is to prove that you haven’t done this. I screamed about my innocence, but as there was no better witch to drawn, they stayed with their conclusions. Making me (and my wife) sick …(imagine that a lot of “friends” look at you in a different way, without any reason).

In the end, last February, we decided to move teams… not coping with this toxic environment any longer…

My search for Jochen Verbeke, hasn’t stopped.

  • The back-up / password recovery method doesn’t work, because he / she (probably she) hasn’t added a recovery mail or phone number
  • A phishing mail will not help much, because I highly suspect the mail was only used for sending this mail and is not used since
  • Gaining access to the mailbox, will, in my humble opinion, make no difference at all, because you will only find the mails send and received which I already have as BCC

So… my question is … is there any chance of ever finding out who was behind Jochen Verbeke???

Thanks to all of you who took the time to read this post till the end :pray:

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