The anonymous hotmail mail : Follow up after 1 year


This post i actually going to be a follow up on my cry for help from about a year ago (so better to read to history first :slight_smile: (Painfull as it is for me to read how deep i was that time :frowning: )

After this mail, we more or less gave up and tried to rebuild our lifes and confidence. Afterall, it seemed impossible to ever get to the bottom of this case.

That was untill yesterday. All of a sudden the IP-trace mails gave a result.
Not the kind I wanted, because the returned IP didn’t give me any info
The registered IP-adress is:

But I’m clueless about what happened… did the anonymous mailer reopen his account (which I’m 99% sure was an account created with the sole purpose to send the mails, and was never used afterwards)?
Or is this a kind of automatic generated mail, what hotmail removes inactive account after a year?

You can try contacting the email provider (in this case, Hotmail) and provide them with the email address and any other relevant information you have. They may be able to provide you with additional information or help you in identifying the sender. No guarantees though

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