Creating a botnet in C plus plus

Is there a basic framework of a C plus plus server client botnet with multi client support? I want to design my own botnet that mines xmr in the language, but uses couchdb instead of sql as the database. I just need a basic example, then maybe I could begin to add to it. Also, I want it to self replicate by bruting ssh servers and be able yo be remotely updated from the command server.

Just create simple server and client on TCP WinSock2, after create thread, in which will be handling adding clients. After - create commands for connection server <-> client. That’s easy.

Malware Development – Welcome to the Dark Side

C/C++ [Malware/Bot]
Python 3 [Server/Handler Code]

But I want this to target unix machines, not windows.

Oh, sorry. I didn’t see it. But the logic of developing botnet for Linux remains the same