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There is a huge array of topics that underlies the working innards of a modern computer. Please free to share your favorite references/books on any topic relating to Computer Science.
EDIT: PROVIDE A SMALL DESCRIPTION/REVIEW if you’ve read the book or know it had helped others

Discrete Mathematics


OS Concepts and Design





Analysis & Forensics

Reverse Engineering


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Your most inspiring hacking books
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It’s a wiki. So you should be able to edit it and add it.


Is Gray Hat Hacking really about reverse engineering? I think we shouldn’t include that just because it has a section for reverse engineering (I didn’t read it though, just checked table of contents). Can’t we just add a new section called introduction to security, basics of securitt or something like that?


Unfortunately, I am not the one who added that one. I’ve only put 4 or 5 books (3 of which have comments).
This is the reason I am stressing on putting comments; You can easily get lost in the horrendous amount of books available. I’ll put the statement in bold.

EDIT: There are also books in oaktree’s thread here. Check them out first

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You ought to be able to edit it to what you think it should be, like @pry0cc said. If you think it should be added to a different category then you ought make those changes. :smiley: Remember, this is a community driven site and everyone is welcome to add their information, thoughts, ideas, and interests! I would add some books myself, though I mainly read literature that wouldn’t exactly fit under “Computer Science” or much of that nature. The ones I have read have already been listed by other contributors.

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