Delphi for Malware

I’ve heard Delphi is used for malware packing but I also heard that it was used or still being used to write Malware. So can anyone enlighten me with the details and also is there any post for writing Malware with Delphi. I tried finding but couldn’t.
Thanks in advance ;D

Hello, A common packer called bobsoft is written in Delphi and its quite easy to unpack it.

You can find me unpacking it right here:

I dont know if there is any data on writing malware with delphi but since all malware is just well… software. You can just write Delphi software that performs malicious things, just like you would write C malware :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


Thanks for heads up All Mighty Danus


Better ASM or C++ - nothing.
But, you to choose.

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