Help build our community! The 100 Users Target!

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Over the last few days 0x00sec has been blowing up, and people have been doing a cracking job at contributing and doing their bit in the community. Due to the awesome spirit of this community, we are steadily approaching our target of 100 users!

We have a target to reach 100 users by the end of May. When we reach our target the first 100 users names (& or real names, up to you!) will be posted in a list containing the people who helped build the 0x00sec community in its early days. Also each person gets a cookie*.

Please help our community reach this target! Please share the site and posts on your social media, tell whoever you can, and stay active! The community is strongest when it is thriving with new infomation and new faces.


** users may not actually recieve real cookies, they are in purely virtual form.*


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I’ll ask a few of my comrades to join.


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Awesome! Together we can smash this goal!



We’ll reach it earlier is my bet.
Let’s do this ^^

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Uh… what’re you doing with those cookies? I’ve already been fed analytic/tracking cookies and they gave me the fiery poops…


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Ahaha sorryy! It’s for tracking our progress…



I’d be surprised if there wasn’t 100 users on here well before the end of May. Also you best be sending out some super cookies to all of us*.

* real cookies are preferred, virtual ones will be taken with minor grumbling.


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I bet we’ll reach this in two weeks.



Lol I’m just glad this place is expanding! It’s amazing to see something so little become so large so fast! I’m glad that I chose to become a part of this place! Both its people and itself have helped me learn so much! It’s been a short time, but this place will hold a dear place in my heart for sure! :blush:

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Lmao “minor grumbling”.

*cookies will be devoured immediately. chocolate cookies will be appreciated. And no prune juice cookies, I do NOT want to go into detail about what happened last time I ate one…

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Glad I stumbled upon this site, looking forward to what this amazing site has to offer.



Just joined this community, I’m originally from Null Byte too. Really looking forward for an awesome community about ITSec/Hacking!



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Awesome! We’d love to see an introduction from you :slight_smile: post your interests, skills and languages (programming + spoken) :slight_smile:



Well there isn’t much to say. I’m actually pretty new to Pentesting but I’m really interested and want to learn more about hacking. I’m currently employed in InfoSec and mainly work with firewalls, proxy, 2FA, mail security and so on.
So nothing special :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I would love to work in infosec!



InfoSec is always a very interesting topic!



I run ads at peak times and when I remember honestly.
Each time though metrics show click thru’s.
I’ll help out some to comp for my deekish ways.
#SlowAndSteady <–Love a good bracket in the morning–||||


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You run ads on your Twitter? That’s Awesome man! Really good job!


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[TRIGGER WARNING: Personal opinion ahead] :smiley:

As much as I’d like to see this community grow, for me it’s “quality over quantity”. I learned that from NullByte. That site started to disgust me even before OTW left. For every half-decent tutorial, there were 20 “How can I hack my GF to get revenge on her?”-posts. It was a sad sight.
So a personal plead of mine would be to be careful where and to whom you advertise this site.

Neo out.

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