Introduction: 4554551N-533K3R

What do you go by / What are your common aliases?

[email protected]

What are your skill sets?

Coding: C, C++, Python, Golang, Assembly, Java, Perl, PHP, Rust
Reverse Engineering
Exploit Development
Pen Testing/Hacking
Security Architecture

What are you interested in?

All of the above. I am on a never ending quest to increase my knowledge and refine my skills and tool sets.

Are you an Info. Sec./Comp. Sci. professional or just a hobbyist?

Info Sec Professional

What do you hope to gain from this community?

Some new ideas and methodologies. Knowledge to help me refine my skills and build on my existing knowledge.

What do you hope to contribute to this community?

I hope to share some of my skills and methodologies with community in hopes of helping others reach a higher level.

How’d you find us?

Stumbled across the site while doing some research


Hey and welcome to the forums, glad to have you here! I’m sure you’ll find plenty of articles here that satisfy your curiosity :smile: You can also join us in our discord server for more direct conversation!

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