Introduction: Hardware Virtualization - Part #4294967295

Introduction: Hardware Virtualization - Part #4294967295

Hey ho fellow 0x00ers,

Over the last weeks I have researched and wrote some articles about hardware virtualization. Nearly half of the planned articles are done. I will finish the other ones when I have some more time.
Anyway, the important thing I have to mention is, that these articles only focus on Intel’s hardware virtualization technologies and x86_64 processors! On top of that, I only cover a fraction of the existing ways to virtualize software.

Nonetheless, I hope you get a deeper understanding how your VMs are kept running and how they protect you. So put your mining hat on, it is going deep down -->

Part #0 - Basics and life cycle of a VM
Part #1 - The VMCS
Part #2 - A lot about Paging, a little about virtualization
Part #3 - VT-d
Part #4 - Three cheers for Qubes
Part #5 - Write up of a Qubes/Xen exploit
Part #X - Don’t know yet, depends on my motivation, maybe something about Para-Virtualization.

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