Kali vs BlackArch vs Parrot Sec

Which is the best Linux Distro for penetration testing and Why?

Kali or BlackArch or Parrot Security OS? Which one should I choose to begin my journey as a security researcher? :grin:

I think you should find it out by yourself, every person is different and everyone likes different things. You can try installing this systems on a VM one by one and just test them.

From my experience the most beginner friendly pentesting OS is Kali. It has most of the things preinstalled and all of them are ready to go. Parrot OS is pretty much the same, but I had sometimes problems with a tools written in python, but I was able to fix them in tens of minutes. (it was quite a long time ago and I think a lot of things could change from back then). BlackArch on the other hand is very different, BlackArch as name says is based on Arch Linux which is not very beginner friendly OS. It will probably take you some time to install and configure it if you haven’t had a contact with Arch Linux before. It’s definitely not a ready to go system.

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Kali linux is also my favourite. Thanks for recommending me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We have a wiki for this Services and Tools. I just pulled all of the configs from ParrotSec OS that I’ve used to a vanilla Debian VM and loaded them onto there and it works fine for my needs.

I am a big fan of Kali because it is simple, and if you know Debian and Tails you will feel at home. But Parrot does feel more extensive and modern.

What I really want to do is to find a pentest course I can do and I guess I will stick to whatever they use so that might be a key question?

mrQbits, I’m also starting out and i hope we get to chat more and share info.

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Thanks for sharing. We can help each other :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

BlackArch for me <3 <3

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The distro doesn’t really matter, as you’ll be using programs that can be used/installed on almost any distro out there

Personal opinion, but if you’re new to linux I’d suggest using something beginner-friendly such as Linux mint and building up your knowledge from there, then try a bunch of other distroes and see what suites you the most, you can’t really go wrong with what you choose, it’s just a matter if tastes

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