Robot hacking: the Robot Security Framework (RSF)

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My group’s interests is in the intersection between robotics and security. After having been reading for a few months, this is my first post. I hope you find it somehow interesting. Disclaimer: I work at Alias Robotics. I plan on starting to share a few bits here about our work. Hopefully it’ll be useful to some of you. In this first topic, I’d love to introduce the Robot Security Framework (RSF).

In a nutshell, security in robotics is still a field that’s maturing. Popular robotic frameworks like the Robot Operating System (ROS) are starting to implement the first security measures however, it’ll be long until robots are secured appropriately. In an attempt to secure (or discover insecurity) on these machines, we made a study and proposed a framework to perform systematic security assessments in robot. The original framework is discussed at The content of it has also been formatted in a Github repository so that researcher can fork it and use it as a checkbox list when assessing robots. Find below a few useful links about it. Contributions (specially pull requests) are welcome.


Updated the title to reflect better what’s been shared :slight_smile:!

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This is a very interesting project, I worked with robots before but nobody in my team was assigned to security, in fact, we didn’t focus on security at all, so I know nothing about existing flaws in the Robot Operating System and how to exploit them, but it’d be great to read what you and your team have been working on in future posts :slight_smile:

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