Robotics CTF, a playground for robot hacking


For those interested in robotics and following from Robot Vulnerability Scoring System (RVSS) and Robot hacking: the Robot Security Framework (RSF), I’m happy to share a recent work we’ve made available called the Robotics CTF (or simple RCTF for short):

The Robotics CTF is a platform for robot hacking. It provides online robotic simulation environment, accessible from any browser, 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. Through the RCTF, security researchers can familiarize with typical robotic vulnerabilities without having access to real robots.

The whole infrastructure is available online and accessible through A simple account is required to access the different scenarios which are constantly being built. A list of the public scenarios is available at This repository includes also tools to reproduce RCTF scenarios locally (each scenario is containerized with Docker) so that you can experiment yourself.

A few links for those that wish to learn more:

Feedback and contributions are welcome.


Robot Vulnerability Scoring System (RVSS)
Robot vulnerabilities, contributing publicly, getting acknowledged and raising the awareness

For those that fulfill the available scenarios and wish to openly report vulnerabilities to gain credibility and contribute, we’re sponsoring a Robot Vulnerability Disclosure Program (RVDP) for ROS and ROS 2.0 at


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