Show off your setup! V2


(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #1

Hi 0x00’ers!

If you had seen the last ‘show off your setup’ thread, Show off your setup!

You’ll notice it was a huge success, and there was a tonne of beautiful systems and setups. Since it was a little while ago and a lot of people have already renewed their existing setup, got new hardware, jumped ship to Linux or MacOS (or even, gasp, windows), it would be so awesome to see what everybody is rocking and what works for everybody.

We have about 30 days until this thread auto locks, so let’s try and see as many of your setups as possible! If you run Linux, Windows, MacOS, the whole community is really anxious to see what you got working for you, no matter how humble or extravagant, how little or how big, even just posting a screenshot would be awesome to see the wallpapers and things people are using on a daily basis.

I’m so excited to see what you guys come up with!

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #2

To kickstart this, I am going to share my setup:

This is the imgur album if you wish to peruse, but I am going to post it below anyway:

Workspace 0: Autostarting tmux session with monitoring tools (used tmuxinator)

Workspace 1: My terminal workspace when it is tidy. What I use for general terminal work.

Workspace 1: My terminal workspace when it is messy.

Workspace 2: Web workspace, I use this for all things web, usually just chrome, occasionally selenium makes its way onto here too :stuck_out_tongue:

Workspace 3: My Code workspace, I use this for my coding projects and editing config files occasionally. Editor is sublime text with Base16 Eighties theme.

Workspace 4: My file manager workspace, this is ranger, but thunar also defaults to this.

Workspace 5: Ncmpcpp/Spotify, all my music playing apps default here. I’ve been using spotify exclusively lately and it works really well.

Workspace 8: My IRC/Discord/Slack workspace. Where I hang out in work slack, discord and the 0x00sec IRC.

And now for my physical rig:

I built this very recently, and the specs are as follows:

  • Intel Core i7-8700K (CoffeeLake) 6 cores @ 3.7 GHz
  • 32GB Ram @ 3200MHz
  • Nvidia GTX 1070ti
  • NXZT x62 AIO Water Cooler

2 monitors (Soon to be upgraded!) And a DX Racer Formula series. The keyboard is a Corsair K70 RGB.

EDIT: New Desk + boom arm, Blue Yeti.

I might share my dotfiles, it depends if there is much demand for them. I’m very interested to see what everybody else has. @Nitrax, @fraq, @Evalion, @ricksanchez I gotta see them setups!

EDIT: @Evalion has requested I go into deeper detail about the build: Here is the PC part picker list.

For airflow I have a frontmounted radiator with 2 140mm fans bring air in, and a single 140mm fan bringing air in through the top. I have 1 exhaust fan, also 140mm. I get a good positive air pressure with this build, and the CPU at about 30-40’c. It is so quiet and even quieter than my MacBook Pro. Under load you can hear the graphics card spinning up, which has these 3 fans

In hindsight, I would have gone with a blower type card with an exhaust, since this kicks heat out into the case rather than out the back. For a PSU, I’m just using a 650 watt fully modular Corsair PSU. This thing’s fan doesn’t even spin when it’s idling, so it stays very quiet. I can run the whole rig idling/low load overnight and not even notice it.


You lost @pry0cc !

I riced my rig to the absolute maximum.

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Well dude, wow.

This is a super clean setup, I never see XFCE these days anymore. You definitely won as far as minimalism goes.


You all lost…

Desktop (pls ignore my waifu):

Miscellaneous stuff that I do:

This isn’t even a contest… try harder next time please.

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #6

Ayyy! I’m glad you could join the party. How did you rice that bottom bar? Is that Windows 10?


It’s WinXP + some theme. I don’t even remember, dude.

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #8

Really running WinXP, as your main OS?


If you look down in the bottom right hand corner, there’s a little gray box and the letters obviously tell you that it is my main OS.

(Zain) #10

Ok so… I’m not gonna post any pictures (just might do one), but I’m very limited with what I can run. First off, I’ve decided to install Debian again and this time I’m running lx as my DE (lxde), but it’s very light yet very customizable. On my Kali box, which is on another hard drive, I’ve decided to check out their lxde version which doesn’t require any live build scripts. Which is awesome… only issue I’ve found with i3, is that I have to use wpa_passphrase and wpa_supplicant to manually connect to my WiFi, which is a pain on a live boot. Anyways, if I could and have the time I would use i3wm.

Anyways, here’s ONE picture:

I’ve made it beautiful and even changed the icon for the menu (which you can do btw)… no ugly fish or bird (?) as it is by default. I’ve also changed up the theme a bit and such. The limit is your imagination. :wink:

Update: this is how my Kali box looks like:

Anyways, ~Cheers!

P.S. I think I win this round…

–Techno Forg–

(Zain) #11

@pry0cc, share your dot files… I want to see your i3wm config file specifically. :wink:

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #12

This looks really cool @Techno_Forg, I like what you’ve done with it.

(Zain) #13

My Kali box has a skull where the menu is… I might edit my post later once I find time with my Kali setup.

(haalim) #14

Here is my badA$s setup


My Surface setup.

I have a desktop PC as well but I am not at home at the moment.

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #16

Oh man, you run Ubuntu on a surface? I bet that is insane! Is this Gnome3?


Yeah its insane:D and yeah its Gnome3.

(Marty McPwn) #18

There are my setups. Firstly, my workstation for pentest, games, misc and moar pwn:


And the other side, my oldie baby for portable tasks with menor power (thinkpad x201):

That’s all kakerz. Greetz

(MNG) #19

Kali linux with xfce desktop

(Leader & Offsec Engineer) #20

Looks really good man. That first desktop looks pretty easy to handle when it’s busy. How do you like i3wm compared to a normal DE?