Show off your setup!



According to the suggestion of @pry0cc, I open this thread in order to give you a place to share your setups and have feedback from the community.

Thanks for your participation.

Here is mine :slight_smile:


Show off your setup! V2
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Nitrax, I’ve changed the title and the category. I think it’s a little less ambiguous this way. Hope that’s okay!

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Ok here is my setup! I run ArchLinux with the i3 tiling window manager. This is configured by myself using a very heavily modified version of OxHak’s config. I am using conky for the top bar.

My anonymity setup is fairly simple. I have a collection of VPN’s and I connect to a different one every day. I then load Tor through that and tunnel all my HTTPS traffic through Tor. I have tmuxinator set up so that I can automate many things such as recon.

Here are some screens.

My Terminal Workspace; where my compiling and updating stuff goes.

My Web Workspace; where my browser goes.

My Coding workspace; where I work on projects and code.

My ranger workspace; where I browse files.

My Networking workspace; where I monitor my network and my laptops connections. As well as my VPN + Tor.

My IRC Workspace; where I chat and collaborate with 0x00ers!

And there’s a video for my Recon setup!

I hope you like it! Feel free to ask questions!

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i swear your setup is divinity.

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i have a desktop with KDE and Plasma 5 installed because i need to be able to have something for everyday use, and KDE makes that possible with customization, flexibility, anonymity etc.

on my laptop I run arch with i3 which still needs to be configured.

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Thank you Merozey!! It took a long time to do.


I found this a while ago, they have some good conky scripts and cool setups too -


Unixporn is a heaven for ricers. This is a nice place to get dotfiles:

I’ll be posting my setup soon, I’m still confused, as always. :nerd:

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Looking forward to it! Your setups are usually alright :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ll be surprised this time. :wink:


totally not inspired by pry0cc

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Loving it :slight_smile: I’m getting very 1337 vibes here.


Using root for everything is a really bad idea. If you’re worried about using pentesting tools which require root privs, use sudo -E or add your user to its group. For example, wireshark wont let you capture packets because it’ll need root privs, but if you add your user to the wireshark group, you can do it without being root.


Thanks for the advice but honestly I’m too lazy to worry about things running as root or not. I’m already annoyed enough about yaourt not letting me install as root :stuck_out_tongue:


This is because yaourt uses makepkg to build the packages from PKGBUILD, and running makepkg as root is not advised, because PKGBUILD is simply a bash script, and if it contains some wrong commands, you can cause permanent damage to your system. I prefer using cower for checking AUR updates and then manually building installing packages. Yaourt is simply a script which checks for make dependencies beforehand, installs them first, and then builds and installs your package.

I’d advise you to learn how AUR and ABS (Arch Build System) work, before using any helpers.


Here’s my setup.
Arch Linux, i3-wm, Intel HD 4000 and AMD RADEON 7670M, 8GB RAM, 3rd Gen i5 at 3.1Ghz.Root: 20GBs, Home: 130GBs.

Fake busy desktop with my powerline bar, ranger in my builds directory, and Neovim.



Sublime Text 3 with the gruvbox theme.

My MrRobot lockscreen (uses i3lock and imagemagick)


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I would share except my setup is shit compared to @pry0cc and everyone else. xD

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@pry0cc Can I get those beautiful wallpapers from that picture? It looks really cool.

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I can’t play the video. Can you fix it? :slight_smile:

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You are TOO kind.

Dude! Share it. We need to see it :wink: