Show off your setup! V2



Seems awesome :slight_smile: However, I will stick to my docker setup, no need for an additional Linux layer on my windows machine :wink:


I don’t really have much in terms of a fancy desktop, I spend most of my life in Vim anyway.

The screenshot there is from my laptop, a 2015 MacBook Pro - in my opinion still the best model.

Anyway, onto the software I use! My config is not quite as consolidated as I would like, I use the same one on my work laptop (running macos), so there have been a few changes that I haven’t pushed to GitHub yet.

  1. Just like @fraq, I use Krypton to keep my private key on my phone. It just makes dealing with private keys nicer, and supports Ed25519, which is great.
  2. NeoVim. I’ve rewritten my config way too many times and I’m itching to do it again.
  3. WeeChat. My favourite IRC client, using quite a few plugins at the moment. I used to use it for the work Slack as well, but it seemed to use far too much memory.
  4. Bitlbee. A nice way to use an IRC client for things like Facebook messenger, Discord, etc.
  5. Signal. As much as I possibly can, I use Signal. Unfortunately not very many people I know use it.
  6. Tmux. The best thing to run weechat in :smiley:
  7. Mosh. It’s nice to be able to use SSH over a dodgy connection, and have connections persist when the laptop sleeps.

That’s basically just the things I’ve used in the last 15 minutes, nothing much else comes to mind at the moment.

I’m one of those people that like putting stickers on their laptops, so here are mine:

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Oh man. How many stickers?

Also. Wait. Slack over weechat? Discord, over weechat? Did I hear that right?


Not enough :wink: I have some on the bottom as well actually.

Yup! There’s a plug-in called weeslack I think, and bitlbee is generally worth looking into.

I’m actually considering moving to an XMPP client and using biboumi instead

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Wow… cmder is really nice. Good share! :slight_smile:

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Bitlbee, bruh. It supports websockets now.

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Here’s a update since I’m too lazy to edit my post (more like scroll up)… I’ve decided to have a bit of fun with GTK 2.0 themes. Enjoy!

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Can’t ignore your waifu! It’s too cute :wink:

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I’m Running Arch Linux. What you see in the screen shot are my custom scripts that I wrote.


Leeky you crazy ass <333

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How do you even manage those many workspaces!

(demontwozero) #54

i only use one workspace. i usually have a bunch of terminals open tho.


I run macOS High Sierra (Hackintosh), I like the graphics of the Apple Operating System

I usually work with 5 workspaces (Browser, Terminal, Music, VM, Communication)

I use iTerm 2 as terminal and Fish as shell, my terminal is always divided with tmux (Code, Shell, IRC, Htop)
My Code window has 2 panes, the one on the left is a program written in CUDA using Neovim, while on the right I am connected to a server via SSH to compile it and run it (Parallel Computing).

My IRC window looks like this, I use Weechat

My 4th workspace is running a Kali Linux VM just installed

I hope you like it the way I like it :call_me_hand:

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Damn I really like your tmux. Please let me steal that :smiley:

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Some of you should definitely do autoconf script for your setups, so much of great work!

I like it simple and consistent, and Im lazy :smiley:


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Guess it’s time for me to join in and push for the conquest of i3 (@Phoenix750).
[obligatory “I use Arch Linux”]

I’m very proud of my terminal. It’s Termite with oh-my-zsh, tmux, powerline. Colors are from, collection/trim-yer-beard. Powerline configs have been modified to match. S-tui is my system monitor, along with top to make up my tmux “Dashboard”.

Weechat for IRC, not changed much from vanilla. On the right is rainbowstream for Twitter, both of which make up my tmux “Social”. Usually I have a third for regular command line stuff, but it looks the same.

Firefox for the browser, and a “demo” of my color scheme.

i3 is pretty heavily changed. I hide the status bar and changed its meta key so I wouldn’t see it as much. A lot of the stuff my status bar was previously providing has now been packed into my tmux powerline.

I haven’t used autoconf for any of this; part of the fun with Arch is doing it all from scratch every time :slight_smile:

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@fi6uh Well, thats how an excellent taste for colors looks like!

(the real skid shady) #60

Thanks! Took me a while to finally settle, but I like the dark, muted colors

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This certainly is nice.

I really like this tmux powerline. Can I please steal this too? My tmux suckssss

(the real skid shady) #62

You’ll want to manually change segment colors, or you won’t see color variation