Suggestions for a Free Linux VPN


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Hey mates,
I finally migrated to Linux MINT completly and am searching for a free Linux VPN. Of course I know they aren’t as good as paid ones but for the moment I just need a simple solution. Do you guys have any suggestions?


(Command-Line Ninja) #2


The thing is; if you use a free VPN then there’s a 100% chance they’ll sell your data.


You could use i2p for anonymity. Also, Vpnbook and other sites have openvpn configs, but make sure you dont let out dns leaks.

(Command-Line Ninja) #4

To be honest; torsocks or Tor is pretty good. Depends what you want to achieve.

(The C# Dude) #5

Thanks, Vpnbook seems fine :slight_smile:. TORs speed sucks so I prefer to use a VPN sometimes. Against the whole “TOR isn’t safe anymore” stuff I like and trust it :smile:. Of course I take DNS-Leaks into account :wink:.


Let’s be honest here and I think everyone can agree on this: There is no such thing as a “Free VPN”. You ALWAYS pay them in some way. If it’s not money it’s your data, like @pry0cc said.

I recommend AirVPN by far. It is super cheap (7€ a month is very VERY little) and they have proven their trustworthiness over the years. Plus it works on pretty much any device.

and let’s be honest, 7 euros is nothing, I earn that much by just mowing old people’s lawns on Saturday noon. Don’t tell me you’re not up for that ;).


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I can top that. is offering $2.75 a month (if you pay yearly) The solid package offers 57 countries.

I have personal experience with frootvpn and my experience is mostly positive. They’re fairly quick and always works, as well as competitive pricing.

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Have you tried torsocks? That just uses 1 exit node. So is much faster.

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I used torify(torsocks) + a VPS(configured openvpn)
It works like a charm!

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Expanding on this: You can get a super cheap VPS, and free for a month with our affiliate link, then it’s more than just a VPN. It’s a VPS and a VPN.

(The C# Dude) #11

Never tried torsocks but it seems pretty useful! And if you want to have a look at the 0x00sec affiliate VPS you can find it here.

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Well, AirVPN have servers in the US, which means you can land on one of those servers, giving the US authority over those said logs.

I recommend Mullvad. Cheap, and the US has no jurisdiction in this country. (Sweden) also they have good privacy laws.

(Ne0_) #13

You can choose which server you want to connect to. Just don’t connect to US severs and you’re good. I had never had a better VPN experience than with AirVPN.

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Hey I am new here and I’ve been a fan of your work for along time, is there any way I could get in contact with you?


PM him here on the site @VintageFox, or come on IRC, @TheDoctor sometimes lurks there.


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Thanks @anon63959120. I’ll wrote him via PM; I’m rarely on IRC :wink:. Maybe I’ll change that in the near future…

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-88790- finding it -48xkki- super weirdo you (so ) all are -48xkki- suggesting (at ) any vpn -48xkki- out there/ Do not 8836736 fool yourself 99-=- they track everything—.

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Try it.

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You really need to have a VPN under your control if you can even have a hope at trusting it. That said, getting a cloud instance on DigitalOcean or Amazon Lightsail then running OpenVPN on it is a good start.

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Psssst. 0x00sec has an OpenVPN server thanks to L0k1. 1337’s of the m0n7h have access to it.