The Wolf: Nothing is safe

Hey fellas,

Small tribute for Mr. Robot fans :slight_smile: Thanks me later :wink:



I’ll save everybody a click…

In Order:

Who is the wolf?

The Wolf - Full Version

The Wolf - The Hunt Continues - Full Version

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I like that they said “The most secure printers in the world” and not “the unhackable printers”, showing that HP knows nothing can be truly secure. I give them kudos to that.


Yes indeed, … Really secured …

Really cool stuff, it really feels like an episode of Mr. Robot! You almost forget that it’s a commercial :sweat_smile:

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Wow, that’s pretty neat stuff! The advertising firm did a great work. We have to do some research/posts about printer security :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What do you think? How realistic was this ad? Normally printers should at least have their own VLAN, right? :wink:

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Printing is easily overlooked. I personally don’t think we should print on ordinary paper anymore at all, print should be reserved for banners and nice artwork, not quarterly reports.

Would some content on printer security be good?

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Definetly. It could cover a huge ranche of skills, from firmware extraction and analysis to even modifying it and copy it on the fly via a update(seems overkill, but would definetly be a nice thing) Things like analysing exposed services and versions from the most common printers should also be on the list.
I’m happy to help as far as my skills allow me to, does anybody want to pick up the topic? :slight_smile:

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Add it to the new bounty program! You can be the first :wink: