What is your smartphone?

Hello members,
I just joined this forum and is a nice place to meet people and discuss, I’m really happy for this.

Now I want to ask if you have got a smartphone, and what do you have, if is Rooted (Android) or Jail-broken (iPhone), ROM, recovery, kernel, security/privacy apps, and whatever you have in your smartphone, please don’t share strict personal information (as phone number).

My phone
I have a Motorola Moto G3 (2015) with Resurrection Remix (7.1.1 Nougat), Fire Kernel and TWRP as recovery, without Google Services (I’m using MicroG), is pretty old but it never crash/freeze so its doing the work well.

If you want you can upload too a homepage screen of your phone!


I’m using a Nexus 5X modified to the bone. Ofc I rooted it, I have pure nexus installed (7.1.2) (RR was unstable af for me), TWRP as recovery and ElementalX kernel. I have CSploit installed on it. I am running Nova Launcher with the Iride UI icon pack. I have Beans Gapps full installed.

Also, if you think your Moto G3 is old, I’ll have you know I ran with a Galaxy S1 for 7 years straight.


Using a Galaxy S6 Edge as a main and still have a rooted IPhone 5S at home for playing around with.
Still need to modify my Galaxy though. It’s more work than I thought for this particular model it seems

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Well the nexus 5X is powerful even now, it supports too kali linux right?

If you need help with your Galaxy, make sure to hit me a PM :wink:

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Correct, it does. But it is really unstable, and also quite insecure to just emulating Kali using Linux Deploy (SELinux is disabled in Nethunter for example). Nethunter doesn’t grant much advantage other than automating certain tasks (which can also easily be accomplished by bash scripts anyway).

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I will do so and am curious what you have to offer :smiley:

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Nexus 6P here! Running Franco + Lineage. Very vanilla, nothing fancy, and all the latest and greatest software.

I am having problems getting root on it after I OTA updated it. I plan to switch soon, but I need to backup my 2FA apps, and so I need titanium, and so I need root. I guess I’ll have to sort that out when I get some time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Never tried neither NetHunter or Linux Deploy, but my opinion is that i would need a laptop or something else for pentesting, from phone is quite impossible right now.

Sure :slight_smile:

If you need help, you can hit a PM too ahaha

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I disagree. A rooted android phone can do everything a laptop running Linux can do, except for tasks that require your wifi chip to be in monitor mode (for wifi cracking). I think even bluetooth hacking is possible using the phone’s default bluetooth chip.

They have the ability, that does not mean they should be used. An Alfa card is far better at it.

A Pi with an Alfa card connected and a power supply in your backpack is the best device you could have.

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Maybe the “quite impossible” is exaggerated but I mean that is not comfortable doing pentesting on phone, I think is far better a laptop, but a tablet with keyboard is acceptable too.

Yeah, I agree with you!


  • Ringtone: default
  • Text tone: default
  • Background: not default

I share the same setup cause I love not to be alone on my device :stuck_out_tongue: #bigBrotherIsWatchingYou


For about 3 years I’ve got a Oneplus One with the default Cyanogenmod (updates are no longer supported by CM by now) on it.
I’ve been very happy about it untill a few months ago. Internet doesn’t switch on anymore after switching off wifi, untill i reboot it. That’s why perhaps i’ll root it and maybe put nethunter on it as well. Not looking forward to that because of the rumpslump of rooting tho.


CyanogenMod has been taked down by founder’s and they opened the LineageOS ROM, you can download the ROM for your device here, i think you can do a dirty flash too (without the wipes), but I advice to do a search on the net before doing this.

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In my experience, the nightlies are pretty unstable. On angler, the camera doesn’t work half the time, apps crash, and I can’t use Android Pay. So perhaps go with a more stable one if thats what you’re looking for.

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Depends on ROM Contributors, LOS Official (LineageOS) is pretty stable on nightly too, they release an update every week, and if you find a bug they will solve that 90% in the next update (from my experience). But for Android Pay idk because i never use that…

When I refer to “the nightlies”, I am talking about the lineage OS nightlies that I am running right now.

Android Pay doesn’t allow to you use it, because it claims “you are running an unstable rom”, which is annoying.

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Oh right, i found on the net that with Magisk you can bypass Android Pay limitation, the link is for OPO but it should work on Nexus 6P too.

Just interjecting, I have a iPhone 7 for all “official” stuff.
I used to have Androids before but I couldn’t keep myself from messing with my “production” phone and as a result, I got the iPhone. I like the OS, albeit I miss a file manager.

For pentesting purposes, I have about 6 Samsung with CyanogenMod+NetHunter laying on my desk, waiting for an update to Lineage.