What is your smartphone?


What do you mean with messing, did you broke ur phone?
OS design is good, but i prefer Android for the other things (like customizing all the phone)…
Wow 6 Samsung on the desk? or did you mean Samsung S6?

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For a phone, taking pictures, and social media, an iPhone is a really good platform. But as soon as you want to do fun stuff (root and customization), Android is king. Yeah, you can jailbreak an iPhone, but the support for pentesting is nowhere near as mature as Android Root.

Update: I have just flashed PureNexus with Franco Kernel (root as well) on my Nexus 6P. And it’s really nice. Time to install Zanti + CSploit!


Fantastic! Let us know how many hours of screen your battery last and if you can bypass Android Pay error.

Curiosity: cSploit is from an Italian :stuck_out_tongue:

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I tried to enable encryption on Android 5 and it was very buggy-Launcher crashing every few minutes. At some point, my phone(Note 4) showed me that it had -15 GB of storage. When I connected it to my computer running windows, it said it had stunning 99 exabyte available :joy:
I also installed all sorts of pentesting apps which led my phone to become slow over the time, might as well have been a virus. One thing that bugged me was the lack of a built-in backup solution(+AppData), without having to send all of my data to Google. When running TitaniumBackup, my phone ran very hot.

Finally, I came to the decision that I need something reliable for my everyday tasks which I can not break so easily.

P.S.: Yes, I literally mean 6 Samsungs, but see yourself. Not all are rooted tough

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Tip: don’t get Samsung… (Don’t hit me)

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Actually I didn’t buy them. I have good relations to someone who works for Samsung partner company and gives them to me for free (because he doesn’t need them anymore).

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Xiaomi Mi Max :smiley:


Xiaomi Mi Max is a bomb, how many days your battery last?
And you have updated to MIUI 8.2?

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You Mean Hours Like 24 Hours Per Day with an Activated 4G and Bluetooth

and Yes i did am waiting for the Nogat 7 Update


Oh with bluetooth activated the battery life is a lot lower, one of my friends is doing 13-14 hours on screen before 20% with 4G and Wifi.

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:joy: :joy: Never had one, i only have this computer.

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Totally agree with that. An iPhone does what it is supposed to do and it does it pretty good tbh but that is where it ends, and I just need to customize and overclock my phone to the max! Sure an iPhone can be jailbroken, but jailbreaking is basically turning your iPhone into a non-rooted device (installing apps outside the playstore, changing launchers, etc. are all possible in standard android.)

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When you jailbreak you get full root. You have the potential power to run Debian on it (if you could get a Linux kernel to run on their chip).

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So you’re saying that with a jailbreak you can install custom OS’s and kernels on your iPhone?


No, but you get full root access.
For installing kernel or custom rom you need different type of exploit (u don’t need only the one for jailbreak the iphone).


iPhone 5 atm. Was thinking about getting an android though. Maybe an LG Nexus.
Has anyone tried the “pwn phone”?

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What @twyKs said. You get root, and so you can overwrite key features on the device.


Nope but I won’t spend 1300$ on a Nexus 5 with antenna attached and custom rom only because the phone was used on Mr. Robot

However I like a lot @pry0cc’s phone, the Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X too isn’t bad, but Google will stop updating them on September 2018 (there are a lot of custom rom so isn’t a problem!), if you have some money wait the next Nexus :wink:

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I’ve just installed Kali in a chroot, all I need now is some custom scripts and a TP link wireless card and I’ve got a custom pwnphone.


My main phone is an iPhone 6+ jailbroken on iOS 10.2. I have a system wide dark mode using Noctis 10 and Eclipse 4, as well as a couple other tweaks to make the UI more preferable.

I also have a couple iPhone 4’s that I use for learning iOS security and exploitation which are also jailbroken on iOS 7.1.2. On these devices I strictly install tools that I need/use for research such as cycript, LLVM + clang, radare2, and BigBoss Recommended tools.