0x00sec 2020 Year End Review - 0x05

0x00sec 2020 Year End Review - V.5.0.

What a year!

Two thousand and twenty has been difficult for everyone and it’s definitely the most memorable year of the decade so far. The world paralyzed under the shadow of COVID-19, an unprecedented situation for the people of the last generations.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop 0x00sec from developing, with 2020 being probably the year we grew up the most as a community!


Our Discord server is slowly becoming the heart of our community. A little more than a year after we made our Discord server public, we have welcomed a load of new users and we are happy to have you everyone around! Here we connect with everyone, get to know each other and, of course, get to talk about Infosec, computer science and technology in general.
Special kudos to #malware and the whole reverse-engineering section for being so active throughout the year! Shoutout to Jeff :smiley: . We have some very talented hackers!


Although Discord is the place to chat and have more active discussions, it could never replace our forum. There lies our community’s knowledge with some AAA articles. Apropos, here are our top 10 most viewed articles:

  1. Exploit Development - The Magic in Hacking by x24whoami24
  2. How to create your own Russian bot army by x24whoami24
  3. The Art Of Malware - Bringing the dead back to life by Danus
  4. DOOM95 | Making an aimbot by exploit
  5. Master of RATs - How to create your own Tracker by Danus
  6. Introducing: Bi-Monthly 0x00sec CTF Exercises! by pry0cc
  7. Analyzing Modern Malware Techniques - Part 1 by Danus
  8. Introducing Axiom - The Dynamic Pwnstation Orchestrator for Red Team & Bug Bounty by pry0cc
  9. Breaking the D-Link DIR3060 Firmware Encryption - Recon - Part 1 by ricksanchez
  10. Windows Defender AV Zero Day Vulnerability by bruh11

Security Incident

Unfortunately, no one is perfect. And we definitely fall under this category.

Three months ago we became aware of a security misconfiguration in one of our s3 buckets. Thanks to a security researcher from ThugCrowd, we were notified about this and fixed the issue as soon as possible. You can read more about it here, in case you’re interested. Again, many thanks to ThugCrowd!

If you discover a security flaw in one of our systems then please, notify us so that we can to take action to fix it.

0x00ctf Exercises

This year we created a small CTF, or more like a wargames-type of challenges. It was designed for newcomers to learn and also for the experienced to have a little fun too. Our CTF is up and running and you can still find the challenges in https://ctf.0x00sec.org/challenges.
Thanks to H45uK1mchi for the image!


Pry has been developing his baby axiom! It’s a dynamic infrastructure framework that allows users to easily spin up disposable hacking infra! Axiom has found a home in the #axiom channel on the Discord server and has been very active!

Thoughts and plans for the future

As our community is growing bigger we feel like our responsibility is also growing. We hope and plan to play a bigger role to the Infosec community in the future, by helping each other in our Infosec path. Our main goal is to have a highly skilled, safe and friendly environment for everyone to benefit- from beginners to seasoned pros. We can’t wait to see how the next year will unfold :slight_smile:

Have a happy new year 0x00ers!

- 0x00sec Team


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