Introducing: Bi-Monthly 0x00sec CTF Exercises!

Hey 0x00ers!

We have been working on something really cool, and are bringing bi-monthly 0x00sec CTF exercises.

The purpose of this is to make very short, 10-30 minute exercises designed to teach you new techniques and get your hacker juices flowing :smiley:

The challenges are supposed to be basic, and not extensive at all. Sharing on how to solve these during the open-challenge window is permitted and good hints are encouraged.

At the end of the day this initiative isn’t designed to make you feel dumb, isn’t designed to make you bang your head against a wall for hours on end, it’s literally supposed to give you a small lab environment to exploit a specific vulnerability.

Think of it as a quick fortnightly warmup.

Categories will range from a wide array of topics from Web, Linux, Forensics, Crypto.

Accounts can be made at and our first challenge is live!

We encourage you to take thorough notes and publish writeups after the challenge period has lapsed to help other people understand the techniques involved and to spread the knowledge.

So what are you waiting for! Get hacking!



The first one was awesome, I always wanted to try this <3 Thanks for everyone involved!

Are these challenges going to be designed by 0x00 vip, or is there a platform for submission?

Also: “Bi-Monthly” (title) vs “fortnightly” (article) - so is there a new challenge every two weeks, or every two months?

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Looks really cool and i support this idea! Sometimes we want something simple and fun.

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Yeah, the first challenge was simple and nothing hard, we need more of this sometimes, it’s really relaxing.

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Cool idea! Just please make sure not to over complicate those challenges, so they stay fun and entertaining! :slight_smile:


Add badges and points that can be viewed on the profile of the solver!

Cool idea! The first challenge was easy but fun. :slight_smile:

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That’s the idea!

I’m glad you liked it!

Hi everyone!

Where can I find hints to solve this CTF? This is my first ever CTF and I tried everything that I know as developer and got nothing. Can someone point me to where I can find help?


I think when you start the challenge, you can unlock like 1-2 hints to help (they’re buttons on the modal that contains the challenge link).

If you’re still stuck, I’m happy to help, can jump on the 0x00 discord, or you can find me on twitter.

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Hi @device, I tried to unlock the hints but I don’t have enough points (at least 3). The discord server, I tried to enter it but got something like “invalid invite” or “expired invite”. Besides to reaching you on social, there is anything else I can do? The hints looks promising :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ll find and follow you on twitter.

Looks like I forgot my password, any chance i can get it reset?

I don’t think that you forgot your password. The username and password are the things we have to find out. Am I right?

I think he means for :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to setup email later today so you can reset it :slight_smile:

Stand by! In the meantime you can make a new account.

Yes that’s correct appears I may have mistyped my password, as I was on mobile when I created the ctfd login. Appreciate the response. I am having a fun time with it the exercise though!

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I’m working hard on making more exercises :slight_smile:

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@pry0cc - Thanks for that. It took a little longer than the anticipated 10-30 minutes due to the unfamiliarity with the tools in use.
Useful challenge and I’ve definitely learnt something today so a Good Day!



Please give me a hint to solve this challenge